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DNA Immigration & Education Website Launched

Welcome to DNA Immigration and Education. We’re excited with the journey that awaits not only our team but importantly those who are entering the Australian Immigration and International Education process. Dulari has displayed the same passion and determination in establishing DNA as she has shown through her own journey of

Scholarship, visa leg-up for regional enrolments

Santa Ersta is the sort of student the federal government hopes to encourage with its Destination Australia tertiary scholarships announced last week in a pre-election population policy pitch: an international enrolment at a regional university campus. Released in Planning for Australia’s Future Population, the program is light on detail but

Never Give Up On Your Dreams! Henry Ford

Failure isn’t that bad. In fact, you could even learn from it. Therefore, it is something that we should embrace. Even Henry Ford failed- he failed a lot, but he utilized what he learned from these failures and built a successful company that’s still going strong even today. This man