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Adrian Smith


Adrian has worked in both the Queensland and Victorian Education Departments. He has worked in a number of schools in both states. He has extensive experience as a Health and Physical Education specialist.  Adrian has worked as an Associate Deputy Principal and Acting Deputy Principal.  His passion for sport has gifted Adrian with a vocation that he’s enjoyed being involved in for his entire career. Adrian has utilised his talents in the coaching field, mentoring and developing both senior and junior teams at a State Level.

Adrian has worked in student pastoral care, guiding and assisting students with strategies and skills in the development of social and emotional learning. He has participated in extensive professional development in this area through programs such as Rock N Water, Play is The Way, Drum Beat, Mental Health First Aid and Kidsmatter. This has enabled Adrian to assist with designing a positive school community which fosters positive relationships and increased staff, student and parent wellbeing.

His career in Education has allowed Adrian to work with a wide range of international students and immigrants from countries including India, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and the Philippines. Adrian assists international students with adapting to the changes and challenges they encounter when starting school in a new country. He is passionate in incorporating, integrating and recognising the various cultures, religions, customs and lifestyles of all international students in the school environment.


– DipEd [Deakin]; BEd Griff.

– Bachelor of Education, 1994, Griffith University, Australia
– Diploma of Education, 1992, Deakin University, Australia